Manchester United after Sir Alex Ferguson

This 2024 and Manchester United is still missing sir Alex Ferguson.

Almost after 12 years of retirement of their best ever manager Manchester united still looks struggling to find their best. Here in this blog you are going to find the following about the classy team Manchester United.

Manchester United After Sir Alex Ferguson

Manchester United is definitely missing Alex Ferguson but the way Manchester City is cruising we can say United is still in good positions to regain success.

As far as premier league is concerned Manchester United is still looking in class team.
The kinds of players the club still signs and the quality they show is still good.

It is like you are a team which knows its class but is struggling to regain its form.

The way Solksjar have managed the club in the recent past is well and good.

The club has not won any Premier League titles after Sir Alex Ferguson but the fact is that they captured the 2nd position twice which is not bad.

What has went wrong for Manchester United after 2012

There are many things that might have worked well for the club but it has not gone well for the club.

Here are certain things that could have gone good for the club

1) David Moyes as a manager :

David Moyes after his Manchester United departure have done well at other clubs but anyways it did not go so good for the club that Manchester could lift the trophy again with David Moyes.

2) Losing Cristiano Ronaldo Again :

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to the club before the World Cup and it could bring good fortunes for the club again but losing Cristiano Ronaldo to Saudi Pro League is a big loss.

3) Losing Jose Mourinho as a manager :

Jose Mourinho was doing good at the club but again as always Manager and Player related controversies kept Manchester United away from the trophy.

Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford itself was looking like a big DAWN for the club that have taken place but again the club lost a nice manager due to players related controversies.

4) Losing Solksjaer as a manager :

Solkjaer brought good old days back for the club and the club remained in top 4 with the new Solkjaer as a manager.

Solksjaer achievements with the club :

Manchester finished 2nd in the Premier League in the 2020-21 season which I think is a good result as a manager and they could have carried on from then onwards.

Giving a debut and introducing Bruno Fernandes to the club is also a good success for Ole Gunnar Solksjaer for sure.

So all in all Solksjaer also needed more time from the club for sure.

5) Losing Louise Van Gaal as a manager :

When Van Gaal joined Manchester United it seemed like everything is going to back on track in upcoming 1-2 seasons. But Van Gaal had to leave Manchester United for personal well being which was a big blow to the team as well.

Manchester United Achievements with Sir Alex Ferguson

Manchester United have won the world with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Just look at this list of trophies :

Sir Alex Ferguson won FA cup 5 times with Manchester United and 4 League Cup trophies as well.

The best manager for Manchester United is the best because Sir Alex has won 13 Premier League titles with Manchester United.

There are 2 Champions League title as well you can count for Manchester Unites under Sir Alex Ferguson.

So there are many achievements like these making Sir Alex Ferguson the best manager ever at Old Trafford.

What Manchester United is missing right now

Manchester United is missing the stability for the managers.

Manchester United after losing the world class managers like Jose Mourinho and Solksjaer looks like they just miss the cherry on top.

It is like you are starting to gain some success with a person and break up happens !!

Manchester needs some calmness and cool atmosphere that always used to be there.

This is not a club which is going to sack you without any reason but somehow untimely departure of the managers are producing decisive negatives for the club.

Future of Manchester United

Manchester United is a team that has shown their class even without their best so future should be awesome for this club again.

It is just a matter of time when the club finds the best fit manager for themselves and that’s it !!

It looks great that the club is giving good amount of time to each and every individual that they have selected for the manager’s role.

The club is not looking stable and consistent in the top 4 spots of the premier league but the club knows how to deal with it.

Conclusion :

Concluding the article I would only say that Manchester United is a place where manager’s get a good chance to prove their metals.

It is like a good company where each and every employee have their freedom to exist in the club.

Losing the biggest names like Jose Mourinho and Solksjaer as a coach or manager after Sir Alex Ferguson is a big pain for the club for sure.

The club have not achieved their best after Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure but the team still looks classy and a well deserved team.

So don’t lose your heart with Manchester United and keep your hopes alive.

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