Reasons behind India Losing a World Cup 2023 Final at Home

This is April of 2024 and in this blog you are going to get full analysis of why India lost World Cup trophy to Australia in their home ground.

I know it is a bit late for me to go through this analysis but anyways it will be interesting to read.

So here are some reasons why India lost the World Cup Final in their home ground.

South African Supporters at the WC. Author : Percita

1) The team combination was not complete :

Indian missed an all rounder to be honest.

Hardik Pandya was injured which cost India in batting department for sure.

India also missed their senior and most experienced spin bowler R Ashwin as well.

Ravichandran Ashwin was dropped from the team which I think could cost India in long term.

All in all Team India missed a batsman that could take care of the team when Rohit and Kohli are not their on the pitch. Team India also missed a good spinner or a bowling all rounder that could reduce some pressure.

So that is how team India was not perfectly balanced I guess that lead to a World Cup final loss.

2) Rohit Sharma throwing out his wicket :

Team India defeated New Zealand in the semi final but that was with closed margins for sure, it was ringing bells for final.

Rohit Sharma and company took the Australians lightly paid the price. I mean the team could have taken the final more seriously in the beginning but we did not.

Rohit Sharma just like semi finals, lost his wicket early and that is also due to his own lack of seriousness.

Rohit and company thought that they have a strong team but losing out early wickets of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli got a big blow to the Indian team.

3) Lack of experience :

India lost a Test match final to Australia as well and it shows lack of experience of the team. The team throws wicket early and we definitely miss someone in the middle order like the way MS Dhoni used to be.

As said earlier Hardik Pandya could have been a player that India might have missed during the final who could bring balance in the middle order for sure.

Australia on the other hand looked more perfect and took no extra tension in the final.

The bowlers got early wickets and restricted the Indians below the total of 250 which reduced the pressure from Australian batsmen.

4) Talented Australian Batting :

Australia also lost early wickets but talent of Travis Head and other Australian batsmen snatched the victory from the Indians.

To be honest it was talent against talent and luckily Australians got it right and snatched the victory away in the World Cup 2023.

Australia and Travis Head’s superior performance took away Test WC as well from Indians so taking them lightly in One Day WC 2023 is something that Indians should not do.

Travis Head batted superbly in Test World Cup final also and took away the trophy from the Indians.

So we can clearly see that Indians and most of the bowlers have not found any answer for Travis Head.

Travis Head with his awesome batting performance is heading towards making a name in the history of cricket’s finest Australian batsmen like Gilchrist, Ponting and Hayden for sure.

5) We did not learn from the New Zealand chase in the semi final :

If you look at the New Zealand vs India semi final match you can Rohit Sharma taking it lightly and losing his wicket early. The same thing happened in the final as well.

Giving away wickets early to Australians is like giving away 50% of victory and that is what happened in World Cup 2023 final in Ahmedabad.

Rohit Sharma deserved a ton in the final but the skipper took it lightly and lost his wicket early.

Inspite of good bowling performance by the Indians, the Australians took away the WC because the total runs scored by the Indians in the final was low.

6) You need experience when you choke at the big occasions :

The Indians choked on the biggest stages just like South Africans.

If you look at the history. We choked in the 2003 cricket WC final against Australia. We were out performed.

Indians choked in the 2007 cricket World Cup group stages as well.

We choked in the 2011 WC final against Sri Lankans as well but the experience and cool mindedness of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir got the victory back from the Lankans.

India choked against Lankans at home in Cricket WC 1996 semi finals also.

So choking on the biggest stages is normal but if you have enough learned players, talent and mental toughness then you still have got something left that you can capitalize on.

Concluding this Article :

All in all India deserved a WC final victory but taking Australians lightly got us away from the victory.

We are more saddened for Rahul Dravid because Rahul Dravid has given a lot to the team but on the final occasion it did not work for him.

Rahul Dravid and team had suffered a massive Cricket WC loss in 2007 group stages and it could have been a great chance to win a world cup in 2023 as a coach but the victory just got slipped away.

In my opinion Indians might have done well in the Test WC final as well against Australia but I think we need to put a bit more efforts against the Aussies in the finals.

I think Rahul Dravid will take a bit more time to bring the best out of the team and for future we have more victories in the bigger tournaments.

What do you think !!
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