How To Beat Loo and Heat in Summer and get Revitalized

It is June 2024 and almost all parts of India have been suffering scorching heat and loo. We have also seen rising heat and temperature in Canada and Europe as well.

So in this blog we are going to get some easy ways to get revitalized in hot summer.

Why Loo, Heatwave and Summer is getting dangerous in recent times :

1) Many people might have only heard in recent times that Global Warming is harmfully affecting the Earth in many ways. But if you look at the situation in recent Summer you can really feel that Global Warming is true and it really happens.

2) India have suffered a bad summer this year. We have already seen La Nino effect in Saudi Arabia and El Nino is experienced in India.

Due to this El Nino effect many people lose their lives in India in almost all summer seasons.

3) Loo and Heatwave produces dangerous results in India because there are many people living in poverty in India and Indian population is high.

4) Individually Loo and Heatwave gives NAUSEA and VOMITTING like effects which can be dangerous in all countries.

How to Revitalize your body in Heatwave and Loo :

1) If you don’t have an AC or Air Conditioning room, you can take a Shawl and make it wet with water and use it for cooling. It’s not a joke, I practise it in my own life.

2) You can also try Lemon soda or Lemon water sugar to get revitalized your body in heat wave.

3) You can also try ASHWAGANDHARISHTA and other Ayurvedic medicines to beat the heat which prevents NAUSEA and VOMITTING.

4) You can also try WATER MELON like fruits and Sugarcane juice etc

5) You can also try to have a habit of having more and more water that will give support to your body.

6) Using a cooler is also a good option if you don’t have an AC or Air Cooler.

7) Use heat resistant tiles on your house terrace and everywhere to bring more coolness in your house.

Concluding :

So heatwave and loo is very dangerous for human health and I would suggest that it is better not to go on long journeys while heatwave.

Try to keep yourself cool while heatwave by above mentioned various tricks.

Try to eat healthy diet that would be beneficial in keeping your body cool in heatwave.

For social work purpose try to build up free water tanks for the people in need.

Having a swimming pool or a small Jacuzzi in your house would also be useful to beat the heat in the heatwave time.

Try to keep your body cool and try to keep yourself away from those activities which would increase heat in your body.

I hope this helps !!

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