What To Do after 10th Standard

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It is May of 2024 and recently results of board exams have been announced. Board exams are the very important junctions in a student life where you have to decide in which direction you want to take your career to.

So in this blog we are going to talk about some of the very basic reasons that in which direction you should go after 10th standard.

Whether you should take Commerce stream, Science stream or you should go for Arts stream.

Let’s talk straight about Benefits and Challenges of different streams :

1) Commerce Stream :

Generally it is seen that the students with Commerce stream live a good and happy life that is without any pressure.

The salaries are good while starting your career.

You get a good work – life balance when you are Commerce graduate.

Possible Jobs :

Commerce graduates are seen in Bank Jobs, at HR Positions and mostly everywhere where money management is going on.

Commerce graduates have good benefits with Share Market as well.

2) Science Stream :

People with Science stream in India might face work load related challenges in their lives.

Graduates with Science stream always have to prove themselves more in jobs due to competition and lower wages or salaries.

Science graduates have to go out of their countries to get more benefits in their streams.

Possible Jobs :

There are definitely more job opportunities you have with Science stream.

You can become an Engineer, Doctor, Scientist and many more job opportunities available.

3) Arts Stream :

People with Arts stream are seen to be more happy while studies also and they can give more time in Government Exam preparations as well.

You don’t have to waste more money while studying Arts courses. There are many opportunities in abroad also after Arts graduation.

Possible Jobs :

Clerk Jobs, Bank Jobs and Jobs in Arts field. Jobs in Government offices.

There is more you can do in media and communication fields also with your Arts degrees.

Which Stream you should take and Why :

1) Science stream :

You should take Science stream if you are fully determined what you want to do with your life.

For example if you are fully determined that you want to go towards Engineering or Medicine then go for science stream.

Do not take B group or Biology if you are not comfortable watching BLOOD and other things like watching meat, injuries, tissues etc.…

Do not force yourself towards medicine or B group just because you want to be Doctor.

Engineering is also good and if you do not know much about sub branches of Engineering like Computer Engineering, Architecture etc. then you should search more options and take decision.

Maybe while searching for more Engineering sub branches maybe you will get your interest or passion found.

If you think you are not comfortable watching BLOOD and you have accidentally selected Medicine, Biology or B group then try thinking about AYURVEDA also because in AYURVEDA medicine you might get your comfort where there is lesser amount of blood you will see in routine.

2) Arts Stream :

Arts is good in long terms where you want to go for Civil services with ease.

Arts is misjudged by many that Arts graduates do not get the value but it is not like that. If you the Journalists, Poets and Civil Servants are mostly from Arts stream only.

You can do much better in Journalism as well when you are with Arts stream because there is more work related with SPEAKING, WRITING and DEBATING in these fields.

3) Commerce stream :

If you want to enjoy your life and you want to make money also then go for Commerce fields.

As mentioned earlier with Science stream you always have to prove your self and it is always hard to survive in Indian market with a science degree.

You need to be the best in the best of the competitions and you might need to leave your country as well when you are with Science stream. Studies in Science stream are costly as well.

On the other hand Commerce stream studies are not that much costly.

Commerce Stream gives you good amount of positional power that you can get on work places and that is also without much difficulties.

You have good opportunities abroad also with your Commerce degree.

Conclusion :

So always be determined what you need to do in your life.

If you are passionate for Medicine or Engineering then there is no question of changing your mind but think about your comfort levels as well.

Many people might feel uncomfortable watching BLOOD and injuries so think first what you are happy with.

Happiness is more important than passion and many other things in life.

You don’t want to be a Doctor who is not happy in his life, isn’t it !!?

Commerce and Arts fields are also of same value and power.

It doesn’t matter which stream it is, it matters how much amount of Passion and Value you can pour into your subjects and in the end you will definitely get the value out of it.

I hope it helps

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