20 Cheapest Crypto in March, April 2024

Disclaimer : This blog is only for educational purpose. Crypto Currencies can be financially risky so invest at your own risk.

This is march 2024 and in this blog I have brought a list of some of the cheapest crypto Currncies that you can invest in.

Let’s start

20 Cheapest Crypto in 2024 that you can invest in :

1) CVC :

At the moment the price of CVC is 24 INR which is quiete cheap rate and might be a good option to buy.

CVC is an Ethereum token used to power Civic’s identity verification protocol.

2) REQ :

The price of REQ is around 17.4 INR
REQ coins can be used to transfer payments.

3) T :

Rate for T is only 4.3495 which is making it a great choice to invest in 2024.

T or threshold tokens can be used to hold bitcoins as a capital.

4) ADA :

Price of ADA or Cardano is growing with time and it is around INR 58.
Cardano or ADA is one of the hottest investments that one should go for as early as possible.
ADA or Cardano are used to pay transaction fees.

5) DUSK :

DUSK price is around 53 INR which is cheap and affordable. DUSK is a privacy oriented financial applications.

6) BLZ :

BLZ price around 39 INR at the moment in march 2024.
The main goal of Bluzelle project is to provide tools and technical capacity for data storage.

7) WAXP :

WAXP price is around 9 INR and one should not miss the opportunity to grab these coins.
WAX is a blockchain platform that facilitates the trading, creation and collection or virtual goods.

8) STMX :

STMX is around 1.12 INR which is super cheap in price and one should consider this coin for short tern crypto investment for sure.
StormX or STMX is crypto based solutions to reach worldwide market. STMX operates as a freelance marketplace and crypto cashback rewards ecosystem.

9) ANKR :

ANKR price is around 5 INR which makes it a good investment opportunity for sure.
ANKR has many uses like staking, voting and payment uses on the ANKR network.

10) VIB :

VIB price is around 10 INR which makes it super cheap.
VIB or Viberate operates on Ethereum platform.

11) ICX :

ICX price is at 31.97 which cheap and affordable in march 2024.
ICON blockchain network’s purpose is to connect various block chain software programs on one platform.

12) TOKEN :

TOKEN is around 19 INR and it is considered a well and good investment opportunity.

13) ACH :

ACH price is around 4.14 INR at the moment which is making it a great investment opportunity.
ACH or Alchemy Pay is used to connect fiat and crypto economies.

14) ONT :

ONT is at 32.94 and one should definitely think about ONT for long term investment.

15) BAT :

BAT price is at around 29 INR which is good for long term crypto investment for sure.
It is called Basic Attention Token which is a block chain based system tracking consumer attention and time spent on websites.

16) ARDR :

ARDR price is at around 11.7 INR and it is a good investment opportunity for long term and short term as well.

17) ADX :

ADX price is at around 23 INR and it can be a cool investment option.
ADX is an Open Source crypto currency based on Ethereum blockchains. This token generally used to process bidding, buying and advertisement transactions.

18) UFT :

UFT price is at around 54 INR which can be considered for long term crypto investment.
UFT token is used to facilitate UniLend protocol governance.

19) PIXEL :

PIXEL has been newly added into the crypto coins list and it is growing very well. The PIXEL coin is at around 74.7 and it is a very good opportunity.
PIXEL is related with a game and it is a kind of an in game currency which is looking very attractive at present times in 2024.

20) SKL :

SKL price is at 10.67 so it can be considered a good crypto investment option for long and short term both.
SKL is something related with SKALE protocol and it is multi purpose.

Conclusion :

So above 20 are the cheapest looking affordable crypto coins that you should definitely consider if you want to invest in long term or short term crypto.

I hope this helps

Happy investing

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